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Beyond Best

Green Shadow goes way beyond best practices, setting the next best

By combining leading edge science with age old practices, Green Shadow delivers real innovation and real climate solution. Our products combine multiple ecosystem benefits into one simple, streamlined product that reduces local air temperatures--keeping residents cool, and cities cooler.

For more about the role design plays in combating warming temperatures, check out the American Planning Association's recent PAS Report detailing current best practices.


Product Demo + Consultation

See the patented wall system installations firsthand and review the measured benefits.

We'll introduce the wall system and explain its how its benefits will be incorporated into your jurisdiction's policy documents or into your firm's next building project.



From City policy documents to construction documents, our staff will ensure the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

We'll ensure our wall system is fully integrated into a new building project or existing building.



We'll monitor wall installation and work with the property owner on a maintenance strategy to ensure the wall's success.

Our staff is has years of experience in government, architecture, and horticulture that will ensure the highest quality service at every stage of the green wall's life.

What We Do: Services
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