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Climate Adaptation thru Design

From new development to retrofitting energy inefficient buildings, Green Shadow provides provisionally patented new technology to tackle our warming climate. In response to a broad gap in the market, Green Shadow draws on interdisciplinary experience in academia, architecture and municipal planning to put future-ready solutions into the market. 


Green Shadow is dedicated to successful climate adaptation by leaning into the unconventional + exploring innovative strategies to harness nature.

Please do not hesitate to reach out at carolyn[at]greenshadow[dot]org

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About: Team

Carolyn Fahey

Founder + Design Lead

Since 2008, Carolyn has been obsessed with Patrick Blanc's work, particularly his green wall on Herzog & de Meuron's Caixa Forum in Madrid. Since discovering Patrick Blanc, she has extensively researched green wall systems including the ecosystem benefits, approaches to wall system design, and policy applications for local jurisdictions. After a successful career teaching and practicing architecture in the UK and US, and reviewing development proposals for the City of San Francisco and City of Boulder, Carolyn made her green wall obsession a reality with the 2022 launch of Green Shadow.



Health + Wellness Coordinator

Jez is one of our collaborators, and brings a well-developed eye for work-life balance. With just a few months in the business, Jez has a nose for green walls—and is ready to lead you on the path to the next play break.

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