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Climate Adaptation thru Design

From site planning to area planning, Green Shadow provides leading edge approaches to urbanization that beautifies as well as tackles our warming climate. In response to a broad gap in the market, Green Shadow merges climate planning with traditional urban planning practice drawing heavily on experience in architecture practice, municipal development review and academic research to make our cities not just great places to be but safe ones too. 


Carolyn Fahey

Founder + Principal Planner


Since 2000 Carolyn has been immersed in the world of creating spaces and places. She started her career in architecture landing an architecture internship in her first year of university, and then a PhD scholarship to study architecture in England immediately after completing university. Her time in England taught her rigorous empirical analysis through both writing and design that led her to pursue these interests in a planning setting. As a planner she served as a development review planner for approximately 8 years for the City of San Francisco, City of Boulder and others. Seeking more innovation she turned to consultancy where she has led resiliency planning projects for three of City of Houston's inaugural resilience plans, consulted on resiliency efforts in Houston's 3rd and 5th wards, and helped communities apply for federal funds.

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